Our Trip to Cork, June 2005

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Girls on Tour - Our Weekend in Cork, June 2005

Day 1: Dublin to Cork
Day 1: Checking out the Nightlife in Cork Day 2: Cork to Blarney
Day 2: The Midleton Jameson Distillery
Day 2: A Visit to Historical Cobh
Day 2: Night out in Cork City
Day 3: Cork City Gaol
Day 3: Fota Wildlife Park
Day 3: Homeward Bound - Cork to Dublin

Day 3: Sunday 19th June - Cork City Gaol

Cork City Gaol
Got off to a slightly later start (11am) but the staff at the Quality Hotel were very accommodating and allowed us to help ourselves to breakfast and coffee to bring back up to the bedroom. A quick cup of coffee and a shower and we were checked out by 11.45am.

We headed West for Cork City Gaol which was about a 5 minute drive from the Quality Hotel in Shandon. Driving up the quay, past the Franciscan Well Brewery, there's a right turn up a steep hill that brings you to the Gaol. The signpost was practically impossible to see from the road so we actually overshot the turn, did a u-turn and spotted the sign on the way back!

The Gaol is located at Sunday's Well, Cork. It is outside of the main city centre area so it would take about 20 minutes to walk from Patrick Street. Once there you can also avail of the Radio Museum Experience which is situated in the former Governor's House. Both attractions are open 7 days a week: 9.30am to 6pm from March to October and 10am - 5pm from November to February.

Admissions prices are 6 euro for adults, 5 euro for students / senior citizens and 3.50 euro for children. It is separate admission to the Gaol and the Radio Museum however you can get a discount on a joint ticket.

Having paid our admission fee, the friendly staff handed us 3 personal walkmans and explained that the tapes would talk us through the tour around the gaol. The tapes were also available in French, German, Spanish, Irish, Italian and Japanese - a brilliant facility for non-English speaking visitors. The tapes also allow visitors to take the tour at their own pace.

We enjoyed the tour of the Gaol. There were lifelike wax figures and stories about various individuals who had been incarcerated along with sound effects and furnished cells. It gave us a good impression of gaol life was like in those days. There were one or two spooky moments as well! The tape guide said to take a glance down this darkened corridor which was blocked off with metal bars and suggested that we might have seen a ghost.The guide also invited you to close one of the doors to the cell once inside but we definitely didn't try that!

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